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A real tailors’ where everything is custom made for our clients.
Every wish, every request is taken onboard and made real.

Our experience, our knowledge of the materials, of working methods, and an infinite directory of craftsmen selected over many years of collaboration in the sector, mean our studio La Mandragola is a place of excellence where know-how combined with design becomes luxury tailoring able to fulfil every dream.

Our living places reflect the inhabitant, our yachts are rich with the taste and imbued with ‘Made In Italy’.

Our events are unique occasions where art is the host.

A theatrical aroma perfumes our projects and colours them with exclusive hues, unrepeatable….our hand printed and dyed materials are the emblem of our individuality.

The creation of lamps, sofas, tables are opportunities to possess high value handcrafted objects, deigned and made just for you.

The Mandragola Studio is a hotbed of experience, of meetings, always with the same common denominator: made to measure specialisation.

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